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Looking for a reliable shading system?

GDM Barakos

Shading manufacturing specialists

We have been active in the field of shading systems manufacturing for more than 35 years.

We construct, assemble and install professional umbrellas, awnings, pergolas, pergola awnings, windbreaks, parking space tolls, etc.

We also undertake the repair of your umbrella or awning and their mechanisms.

Our name is accompanied by reliability, complete customer satisfaction and effectiveness of our constructions.

umbrella for pools and beaches


Umbrella For Pools & Beaches

Special offers for hotel businesses and wholesale customers on professional umbrellas, awnings and other shading systems.
Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs.


We use the most advanced, latest technology shading systems in all our projects.

Study - Manufacturing - Installation

With special care for the needs of our customers, each construction has been studied to fully meet the requirements of each project.
Our aim is to offer users 100% satisfaction.


Our shading constructions meet the needs of your home and professional space.

Solutions for all your needs

Based on study and design,
we offer solutions that cover all needs for shading, personal or professional, as well as special constructions

in the cases where conventional solutions do not meet your demands.


We undertake the repair and improvement of your shading systems.

Change of fabric material

Choose the fabric you like from the wide, modern, quality range of our fabrics for your new or current shading system.

Do it yourself

You are a technician! Now you may construct by yourself the shading system you wish.

Give us the dimensions and a description of the system you wish to create, and we will manufacture it and deliver it to you right away, ready for installation.

View samples of our work

Our constructions

Pergola Awnings

Pergola Awnings The pergola awnings we manufacture are the most appropriate solution for shading in open spaces (homes, shops, squares, eating establishments), since they provide complete shading and protection against weather conditions. Pergola

Suppliers / Partners

The materials we use for our constructions are produced in the best metalwork and construction companies, provide long guarantee and are certified by Greek and international quality assurance organizations.

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